Tiny tattoos






As you already know I love tattoos and lately a new trend is the tiny tattoos. They are so beautiful and due to their small size you can do them almost everywhere without being seen! So I thought to share with you some of my favorite ones that I found on pinterest! Which one do you like the best?? šŸ˜€


Oysho platforms




Good morning, Happy June!!! Finally Summer is here and also here are my new platforms from Oysho! They are just amazing! I will definitely wear them all Summer long! I love the fact that their color goes with almost everything! I have already see some other pairs that I would like to purchase but…one step on a time! What about you? What shoes will you get for this Summer???

Tattoo placement for women

I always like tattoos and last year I finally got my first one! Of course as the most people that get a tattoo I cannot stop to just one! So since I spend an awful a lot of time searching for my new tattoo I decided to share with all of you my 10 favorite spots for a girl to get a tattoo!1. Upper back

2. Lower back

3. Side ribs

4. Low hip

5. Foot

6. Inner wrist

7. Inner arm

8. Neck

9. Inner Bicep

10. Upper shoulder

Have you got any tattoos? And what is your favorite spot for one?